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Our careers lead at the Global Academy is Jonathan Jacob, email him here.



The Global Academy places huge importance on Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) for all students during their time at the Academy. This means that our students leave the Academy and go in to employment, education or further training with knowledge, experience and focus - especially within the creative and broadcast industries.

We measure the success of our careers programme by the destinations students reach after leaving the Global Academy. In 2018, a staggering 82% of Year 13 students went straight into the creative industries, including placements at top media companies like Global, the BBC and Facebook.

Our programme of careers interventions are designed through a delivery framework of Discover, Inspire and Progress.

Our Approach and Vision

The Academy aims to equip students with the practical hands on skills and key soft skills required for a career in the industry. The creative industry is the UK’s fastest growing economy at a rate of 5%+ each year, making up one in every eleven jobs. The creative industries are worth £92 billion a year to the UK economy, larger than the automotive, aerospace, life sciences, oil and gas industries combined. And they are growing faster than the rest of the UK economy.



As well as the importance to the UK economy – we place a value on CEAIG to help deliver social mobility and to open doors for all young people. The government has recently endorsed the fact that “great careers guidance provides the first rung on the ladder of opportunity, helping everyone to achieve their full potential”. (DfE, 2017, p.3).

Alongside our careers education, information, advice and guidance; our industry focused media curriculum means students are more creative, more intellectually curious and (critically) more likely to demonstrate the skill set required to impress universities and top creative industry employers. Regular reflection across the course of study allows students to quantify their experience, learning and understanding to help prepare them for the industry.

We work closely with our industry partners, Global and the wider media community to ensure our practical and vocational education reflects both the practical and soft skills required for long lasting employment. This is delivered through the practical media curriculum across all levels of the school within Digital, Audio, Visual and Enterprise Pathways. Alongside the media curriculum, further preparation for a career in the media industry is installed within our learners through a varied and customised programme of workshops, electives, guest speakers, enrichment and work experience. We also include an ‘Industry’ module at Key Stage 4 and an ‘Enterprise’ module at Key Stage 5.

We want to ensure that all students are well prepared for whatever they decide to do after their time at the Academy whether this be further education, employment or further training. Our policy ensures that learners are exposed to experiences to help shape their journey after the Academy. In short, during their Global Academy year journey, we can ensure our students are given the insight, skills and resources to get them to the top of their game within a media and creative industry career.


What happens?

The operational delivery of Careers and Employability at the Academy is delivered through the eight key pillars of the Gatsby Benchmarks:

  1. A Stable Careers Programme
  2. Learning from Career & Labour Market Information          
  3. Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil 
  4. Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers       
  5. Encounters with Employers & Employees   
  6. Experiences of Workplaces   
  7. Encounters with Further and Higher Education       
  8. Personal Guidance    


Students are constantly learning about a media career and the media industry market during their media lessons. This is delivered through the Enterprise and Industry pathway. For example, in Year 12 term one, students spend eight weeks researching the media marketplace and create written reflections and visual infographics on the media industry marketplace. In Key Stage 4, students spend the first term working on a ‘Creative Genius’ where they look at the career and journey of a leader in the media industry. The second terms of Year 10, 11 and 13 are spent on preparing for progression into the industry with workshops on CV building, skills planning and portfolios. The second term of Year 12 is spent working on a real life client brief in which students pitch to industry, previous clients including world wide brands like Coca Cola, JD Sports and Soreen. At the end of each year, students work on a Final Major Project where they consolidate all their learning into a real life brief and create a related media product.

To support this – regular visits from industry professionals and training providers alongside hands on projects, visits, trips and work experience help to strengthen and contextualise this learning.

View our calendar of CEAIG activity for each year group here.

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