Capital XTRA Work Experience

Every morning and afternoon I would listen to Capital XTRA wondering what the atmosphere in the studio was like, wondering who writes the content and what the presenters are like in person. I didn’t have to wonder anymore when one of my teachers sent me an email asking me if I wanted a one week placement with the Capital XTRA production team. On my first day, just as I arrived, I accidentally met Liam Payne while he was on his way to a Capital interview....just a normal day. The entire team was extremely friendly and helpful, teaching me all about the content sheet they use, how their app works, what programs they use and what I needed to do for the week.

My main job was creating content for the content sheet, which meant spending hours on news outlets, filtering what would be appropriate for Capital XTRA and writing it down in bullet points for the presenters. Other jobs included: writing scripts for shows, writing scripts for promos, editing links for the app and then putting said links on the official Capital XTRA app through a playout system. My supervisor, who was also the official producer of Capital XTRA, put a lot effort into making sure I had a well balanced work load and a range of different sections on which to work. The whole work atmosphere in the office was very uplifting. Everyone bounced off of each other.

There was always music playing somewhere and did I mention that everyone was super friendly? So friendly in fact that I got to sit on, in not only one, but two different Capital XTRA shows with Manny Norté and Toni Philips. I had a whole half an hour to ask Manny questions and learn about the desk he uses.

I even got a shoutout live on air. It was incredible being able to watch Manny and Toni do their thing and come up with links on the spot; links that I would normally hear in the car. Speaking of which – the definite highlight of my time there was when I was in the car and a link that I had written was being presented on air by Mike Panteli and I just started screaming “THAT’S MY LINK! I WROTE THIS!”. I’ve learnt so much from everyone I worked with and I’m truly grateful I got to experience Radio behind the scenes with Capital XTRA.

Written by Kendra Navarro, Y13 

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