IAB Nonference

IAB Nonference

For some odd reason the IAB decided to let a group of us students help run their event, luckily we are all very passionate about media so this ‘job’ went down a treat.

To introduce you to this blog I must break down the name of the event, Nonfrence. This practically stands for ‘Not A Conference’ and they wanted people not to take notes, but to take part.

There were loads of roles available for us at the Nonference such as receptionist, social media team assistant, videographer, the list just goes on. I managed to get assigned to the role of ‘Snapchatter’ and considering this is the main consumption of time in my everyday life, I was ecstatic. I got to see the whole event and captured it all with the very flashy ‘Snapchat Speactacles’, if you’re unaware, these are sunglasses you wear and they film everywhere you look. So despite looking ridiculous wearing sunglasses indoors I got to see a huge amount of this incredible event.

One minute I was learning how to make a BuzzFeed quiz and the next I was learning about cryptographic transactions, this place was so varied in the material they were promoting it was impossible to choose a room to go to, but usually the best ones were full. After filming heaps of content I decided to take a break and what better way to chill out than a nice nitrogen ice cream? Yes you read that correctly, I was in heaven.

The IAB offered their delegates many opportunities such as testing out virtual reality, getting a robot to pour beer using their brains and winning hotel stays in London.

This advertising event was amazing and I am very glad to have been able to help out with the Nonference.

Many thanks to IAB for holding the Nonference and allowing the Global Academy to be a part of this huge event, it went very successfully and I believe if you have a passion for advertising, like myself, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I learned a lot, ‘Snapchatted’ a lot and most definitely ate a lot!

By James McJannett-Smith - Year 12

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