Lip Sync Battle

The Lip Sync Battle is an Idea that the three of us (Niamh, Adam and Richard) came up with last year in our first few weeks of Year 12. It was something that was originally meant to just be a very small scale school production, however it became a much bigger event than we ever expected! The event was put on for Global’s “Make Some Noise” charity, and for the last two years we have run it with the intention of raising money for those less fortunate than ourselves in a very exciting and communal way for the students of the academy. This year was even bigger and better. I remember Adam and Niamh both saying on the first day of Year 13, that this year we are going to make the Lip Sync Battle huge!

We really wanted to ou tdo ourselves and putting together the event is always great fun. Yes, it does take a lot of preparation. We put together all the elements of the event; the music tracks, the backstory videos; and all the promotional material. It can be stressful, but when it comes to seeing the final product it is always worth it! This year, we blew last year out of the water. Since all three of us have developed our skills in media, events and marketing. There was a much larger aspect of quality to this year’s event. We couldn’t thank the three staff members - Nathaniel McAuley, Nasser Al-Araimy, Bronwen Hughes - enough for their co-operation and dedication!

Of course, congratulations to Bronwen Hughes for winning! A huge thank you to everyone involved who helped with putting the event together. All three of us are extremely proud of what has come from our little idea, and we have had the most amazing time running The GA Lip Sync Battle two years in a row. We can’t wait to see what the future students and staff members have in store for the next event

Written by Richard Bagnulo, Y13

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