Global Academy Industry Board

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The purpose of Global Academy is to equip students with the technical and soft skills required to be ready for work in the creative industries when they leave the Academy. We want our students to be head and shoulder above the competition and their work to standout in the competitive jobs market.Β  Therefore it is essential that what is taught at the Academy keeps up with the fast changing pace of technology and skills required in the creative industries.

The aim of the Industry Board is to bring industry experts into Global Academy and review the projects we set and the student output and give their expert feedback to ensure that the Academy curriculum closely matches contemporary industry practice and suitably prepares students for work in the creative industries.


The boards meet three times a year – once per term – to review student output from the previous term and input ideas into the curriculum for the upcoming term. The board will be formed of industry experts and teachers from Global Academy.

The board is not expected to provide teaching and learning guidance.Β  Its ambition is to give teachers feedback from industry about how they can keep the skills taught relevant to industry practice and ensure that the curriculum at the Academy stays cutting edge. This could include offering feedback to the teachers about the students work and if the techniques used to create it mirror what would happen in the workplace, or suggesting relevant skills and technologies that could be embedded into the future curriculum.


Meetings will be conducted around the structure below, but can be flexible to adaption according to the needs of those involved. The aim is to give time for subject specialist teachers to meet with industry experts to review student work and then feedback into the board to identify next steps and any common themes.

  • Review of actions taken as a result of previous board meeting
  • Overview of the term – Projects taught, successes, areas to improve
  • Industry review – Pathway teachers partner with subject specific industry experts to review student work from previous term and discuss ideas for next terms projects.
  • Review of the term – Board reflect and review insights about the student work and recommendations for the future

Meet the Boards

  • Content Production Board

    Andre Sousa, BBC
    Ashley Bard, Global
    Farhan Ghani, IMG Studios
    Jon Peck, IMG Studios
    Nick Davis, Global
    Rhiannon Lewis, Gate Films
    Rozana Green, BBC
    Sara Butler, Shoot the Company
    Zosia Morris, Global

  • Digital Design and Social Media Board

    Jasdev Virdee, Canon Europe
    Jovan Buac, Landor and Fitch
    Oyku Esenmatthews, Merkle
    Penny-Lee Brown, Global
    Sau-Fun Mo, London Transport Museum

  • Creative Entrepreneurship Board

    Dan Acheampong, Talk 2 Dan
    Georgina Bramall, GiffGaff
    Glen Funnell, Hatch Films
    James Erskine, Rocket
    Julian Hall, Ultra Ventures
    Millie Webber, Spirit Studios

  • T Level Board

    Aimee Barby, Global
    Andy Beale, BT Sport
    Asier Barrio, IMG
    Carrie Wotton, Rise Up Academy
    Dave Gill, AE Live
    Farhan Ghani, IMG
    Gary Dowsett, EMG
    Harriet Morgan Smith, Global
    Kerry Shreeve, Warner Bros Discovery
    Lynne Hobbs, Timeline TV
    Malcom Cowan, NEP
    Rohan Mitchell, EMG
    Tom Giles, IMG
    Wizdom Layne, We are Impact

  • E Sports Board

    Coming Soon

  • Journalism Board

    Coming Soon

To find out more or to join our board please contact Jack Brown, Industry Partnerships Manager via Jack.Brown@globalacademy.comΒ 

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?