16 November 2020

Take a look inside our Science department on a Thursday afternoon! G:Sci is our Science Department which aims to bring science and media together.

What is G:Sci?

G:Sci is a science media club where students have a chance to see incredible demonstrations as well as take part in fun experiments, before broadcasting this on social media.

Students film sessions using Global Academy’s specialist kit, make TikTok videos, make stories for Instagram, produce and edit content for Youtube and IGTV!

Notable Projects

G:Sci is allocated its own funding and has won additional funding from the Jack Petchey Foundation.All content is student led.Notable projects the students have worked on include the Great Murder Mystery Challenge during the 2020 Science Week, which was masterminded by the students and founders Nasser Al-Araimy and Elliott Whysall.

Students are currently working to launch water rockets in an international venture with schools based in Portugal and Australia, which will be the first ever of its kind.We will be supported by astrophysicists and an employee at NASA.


Learning Through Science & Media

Although the club is small, its reach is increasing and Global HQ were made aware ahead of its creation.  The primary purpose of the club is to inspire a love of science and curiosity, regardless of ability in all students who either attend the club or watch the videos online.  Students learn in a fun way and get to dive into content and experiments well beyond the curriculum, whilst teaching each other and sharing key media skills.


Check out the trailer for g:sci below:

G:Sci works closely with the Academy and its other departments to bring the best of Global together.  We have had sixth formers record content in the radio studios, mix music for our stories, support from the art department and tremendous support from the media department, all upon the foundations of the Science Department.  We also enjoy a close relationship with Youths Choice TV and Radio Stations where our work has been broadcast live.

Connect With G:Sci

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Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?