23 November 2022

Industry Insights are Launched at Global Academy

Global Academy students get hands-on experience with creative industry leaders in unique workshops and sessions each week!

This term we are delighted to have launched ‘Industry Insights’ a weekly (and sometimes twice weekly) series of interactive workshops with a variety of special industry guests.

These sessions are primarily designed for Year 12,13,14 students who would like to sign up and take part alongside their usual studies.

The workshops have been designed to ‘add value’ and enhance the student experience by delving deeper into a number of media related areas.

So far this term we have welcomed Alice Dale, a Presenter/Producer from BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio London, who ran a session on how to create the perfect demo for radio. Jawand Singh, a Senior UX Designer from Canon, came in and spoke about the art and importance of story telling, Jay Harris, an Exec Producer, who came in and spoke about creating a productive routine, and most recently, Amanny Mo from the BBC speaking about conducting the perfect interview for radio or television.

These sessions have proved extremely popular with students, who have all said they have learnt something new from each session they have attended.

Later this term we are excited to also take Industry Insights out on the road by visiting Canon HQ for a video skills workshop, as well as Bloomberg for a discussion on apprenticeships.

“Alice Dale was really lovely and was very willing to answer lots of questions, and I also liked the fact that we got to get involved in a demo related task

Lara Fair, Year 12 Student

β€œWhat a bunch of switched on, intelligent and enthusiastic students at today’s session. Global Academy are creating such a fabulous and nurturing spaces for some super talented individuals. The future is certainly bright if the students I met today are anything to go by”

Amanny Mo, BBC Presenter

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?