Advertising Unlocked Report

On the 28 of September, myself and about 30 other students were invited to spend the day at ‘Advertising Unlocked’. We visited two media agencies in central London: Total Media, and Publicis. To begin with, we visited Total Media. When I first walked into their headquarters, I was blown away at how professional it was due to the company showcasing their neatly framed work on their walls. After a quick tour of the building, we arrived in our room for the morning.

All students were allocated into groups of five/six students with one or two employees of the company working on a brief with us; we discussed how we would advertise a company that supplied dry dog’s food. After a morning of talking and planning our advertising scheme, all groups presented their ideas. Some amazingly creative ideas were generated in a few hours from all groups. For example; my group thought of the idea to work alongside Dog’s Trust where we could supply the Trust with unlimited amounts of dog food for dogs of all ages. In return, the employees would promote to the new owners our dog food which was great for the development and health of our canine friends. This was only one idea of many we came up with as a group. Despite not winning the best presentation, I did learn lots of things about advertising from this workshop. I learnt how much work, detail, and thought goes into each advertising campaign. Also, you also need to do your research into the brand and demographics related to the brand product.

I’m glad that I was able to attend the event as I enjoyed my time and believed that I leaned some valuable things. After Total Media, we arrived at Publicis. On arriving, I was again blown away by how beautiful their headquarters were, and I was impressed by the glass ceiling which illuminated the whole building and made everything look brighter. Even the hundreds of awards and trophies they had on display on each floor, stood out while we toured the building. I got a major sense of community throughout the floors with all the employees being so friendly and chatty. After the tour of the place, we all went into a board room with a table that fit about 30 people. The session for the day was mainly listening to employees talk about the work they do at Publicis, for example the brand work they did for the Olympics. I enjoyed hearing about the process it took for them to get to the final outcome. It was nice to hear the process then see the final advert which was breathtaking. We also heard from some of the graduate employees at the company and we enjoyed hearing their story from university to the company. I loved seeing both businesses and how they may be similar in the things that they do, yet they’re so different in how they conduct the work set.

Overall I really enjoyed this day and I’m sure that the rest of the group did too.

Written by Tahlia Zeckler, Y12

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