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Explore how Global Academy can kick start your media career at our unique school for students in Year 10 – Year 13 and beyond.

Kickstart Your Career In Media

Global Academy is a school like no other. We provide a unique education for students from all backgrounds who want to pursue a career in the media industry.

Global Academy aims to prepare young people for life in the Creative Media Industry. We are a unique school for students in Year 10 – Year 13 and beyond specialising in the fast paced, ever expanding and exciting creative industry. Our vision is to teach young people the practical skills to be ready for life in the sector, linking all education through our specialism of creative media, design and entrepreneurship.

Global Academy enables all students to achieve their full potential. We foster their ambition and encourage them to work hard and aim high. We expect students to achieve high standards of progress in mainstream school subjects, particularly English, Maths and Science, as well as in our vocational specialism of broadcast and digital media across Year 10 – Year 13 and beyond.

 Global Academy provides a supportive environment for learning. We believe that happy, confident students achieve more. Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage students to collaborate and work together in teams to develop the broader skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century.

The technical media facilities at Global Academy are world-class, and our students benefit from our close links to the industry and further education. The vocational curriculum is developed in close partnership with industry and students learn from current, industry-quality briefs, receiving feedback on their work from people who already do the jobs they are aiming for. Students participate in regular and relevant industry visits.

Students will leave Global Academy with the confidence and the technical and creative skills to proceed to further education or move directly into jobs in the creative industries. Almost 2 million people in the UK work in the creative industries, with employment in the sector growing at four times the rate of the UK workforce as a whole. Our expectation is that every single one of our students will reach high quality destinations when they leave us.

Employers across the industry recognise the Global Academy as a centre of excellence for media. Our students will have the skills to become future leaders of the creative industries and inspire the next generation.

Our students run their own Radio and TV stations working alongside the pros at Global. They also create their own events and learn how to pitch and promote their media products to some of the biggest consumer brands in the market. Students create their own showreel of content and develop a host of contacts too, made during work experience or from our weekly guest talks. All this while achieving the academic qualifications needed to progress in life.

What will I study?

Students at Global Academy are armed with the proper technical, business and creative skills they need to work in the creative media industry – this is achieved by connecting core studies with vocational skills in a truly practical and entrepreneurial way all at our unique and state of the art creative campus in West London.

Our partnership with the University of the Arts, London and employer partners – enables us to offer a rigorous and challenging curriculum that kick starts the career of young people whatever their background or experience.

Find out about our range of GCSE courses in Year 10 and 11 for those joining us at 14, our unique Sixth Form pathways for those joining at 16 and our unique Level 4 offer for those joining at 18.

Global Academy is a UTC

Global Academy is a UTC. University Technical Colleges [UTCs] offer so much more than traditional schools. Students benefit not just from the very best facilities and equipment used in the UTC’s specialist industry, but also from hands-on mentoring from professionals working in that industry.

Global Academy’s integration of technical, practical, and academic learning creates an educational pathway designed to lead directly towards prosperous careers in the creative industries. There is no better preparation for the world of work that allows students from all backgrounds to thrive in our exceptional environments.

Who are Global?

Global is one of the world’s leading Media & Entertainment groups. With a huge weekly reach, it is the UK and Europe’s largest Radio & Outdoor company.

Global is home to respected, national, market leading media brands including Capital, Heart, Classic FM, LBC, Global’s Newsroom, Smooth, Radio X, Capital XTRA, Gold and Global Player, which allows listeners to enjoy all of Global’s radio brands, award-winning podcasts, and expertly-curated playlists, in one place in app, on web and on smart speakers.

With an extensive and diverse portfolio, Global is also the leading Outdoor company in the UK & one of the largest in Europe with over 235,000 sites reaching 95% of the UK population.

On-air, on Global Player and with our outdoor platforms combined, Global reaches 51 million individuals across the UK every week, including 26.3 million on the radio alone.

Global created and operates DAX, the market leader in Digital audio advertising. Through its proprietary technology, DAX connects advertisers with an audience of more than 130 million people worldwide, inserting targeted advertising into music streaming services, connected radio listening and podcasts in the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada. DAX is the largest digital audio advertising platform in the UK and one of the largest in the world.

During their time at Global Academy – students closely with Global directly through access to work experience, industry professionals, bespoke training opportunities and one to one mentoring – plus exclusive access and opportunities at some of the UK’s biggest events such as Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball and Classic FM Live. Global staff are also involved in developing our unique industry-focused media curriculum, providing staff training, governance as well as offering marketing support through their radio, outdoor and digital platforms.

The Academy also works closely with Global’s employee network groups that are dedicated to promoting and celebrating diversity and inclusion, building a sense of community and providing safe space for open and honest conversation – this includes RISE (representing Globallers from various ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds), women@global (championing gender equality at all levels, across all areas), accessibility@global (supporting those with physical and neurological differences) and pride@global (promoting inclusion no matter sexuality or gender identity).

65+ alumni have been employed by Global since 2018

More About Global Academy

Global Academy students work towards GCSE or Sixth Form qualifications, as well as learning all the hands-on skills needed to work in the Broadcast and Digital Media Industry. Global Academy has state of the art industry equipment and strong connections to help you kick start your career. We are based at the Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes where EMI used to be based so we have a media heritage associated with the Academy.

We want to give everyone a chance to study Broadcast and Digital Media. We are a non-selective school, catering for students of all abilities, and because we’re state-funded, there’ll be no fees to pay as you enjoy real-life learning with us.

Equality and inclusion is very important to us at Global Academy, 43% of our students come from ethnic minority communities and 60% are female.  We have students who also register themselves as non-binary and a large LGBT+ community. We’re a diverse school united by creativity, a love of content and a passion to create long lasting careers in the Creative Industries.

Meet the Team

We have a passionate and talented team here at Global Academy that go that extra mile for our students.

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Our Facilities

The facilities at Global Academy are like no other.

We have industry-standard equipment such as editing suites and radio, TV and music studios. They’ve even been used by the likes of Capital XTRA and Channel 4!


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Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?