Kickstart your career in media whilst studying your GCSEs

Join us at 14 - Year 10 & 11 Curriculum

Looking to join us in Year 10 this September? Take a look below at what your new school could mean for you

Join us at 14 to kick start your career ✨

Looking to enroll in Year 10 this September? Discover why Global Academy is London’s most exciting media and creative school and learn how we can help you kickstart your career in the industry.

Join Global Academy and receive industry-standard media qualifications and opportunities while studying for your GCSEs. With strong links to employers and universities, our students stand out in the job market, with potential employers already knowing who you are when you apply.

Alongside English, Maths, and Science GCSEs, you will also study a unique Level 2 qualification in Creative Media Production and Technology. This industry-standard qualification, awarded by the University of the Arts London, is equivalent to FOUR GCSEs. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to study two additional GCSEs in complementary creative subjects like Drama, Music Tech, Art, Computer Science and Business.

At Global Academy, we understand that the digital revolution has changed the skills required in the industry. That’s why our lessons focus on creative learning, technical entrepreneurial skills, and personal and collaborative skills to future-proof your career.

Build Your Learning Programme 📖

When you join us you will get the chance to build your own programme of study to really match your interests and passions.

All students at Global Academy in Year 10 and 11 will study the following compulsory core subjects:

  • Level 2 UAL Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology equivalent to 4 GCSEs
  • GCSE English Language and English Literature
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE Science Double Award

In addition, all students will pick TWO complementary creative GCSE options (subject to availability)

  • Art & Design
  • Computer Science
  • Drama
  • Business
  • Music Technology

UAL Media Level 2 qualification equivalencies

The specific content and structure of the UAL Media Level 2 qualification ensure it is of a high-quality and valid for the skills and knowledge they assess. This means that the UAL media qualification is not strictly ‘equivalent’ to GCSEs, because of its unique approach.

For the purposes of comparison, however, education authorities, employers, colleges and universities make judgements based on the relative sizes and levels of attainment across vocational and academic qualifications. This indicates the breadth and level of challenge of Level 2 qualifications when compared with GCSEs.

To find out more on the equivalencies – click the button below:

Life in Year 10 & 11 🎬

Check out what life is like in Year 10 and 11 by watching our Virtual Assembly below

Life In Year 10 & 11 - Frequently Asked Questions 🤷‍♀️

  • What's it like joining a New School?

    We know some people might be a little worried about joining a new school. Don’t be. Everyone else is new as well and you’re bound to meet plenty of like-minded creatives just like you. Moving when you’re 14 means Global Academy provides a fresh start for many young people, in a supportive, smaller school environment.

  • What's the Uniform like for Year 10 and Year 11 students?

    Students in Year 10 and Year 11 wear a Global Academy polo shirt and hoodie – plus professional plain black trousers/skirts. Jeans are OK too.

    On your feet – we expect plain black shoes, ankle boots, trainers or canvas shoes. We don’t expect to see white or coloured shoes/trainers, heels, sliders etc.

    Our unique uniform is one of the best parts about joining the school and helps you get ready for future employment. Our students wear their uniform with pride because they’re proud of being Globaler.

    Click the link below to find out more.

  • I've never studied Media before - will I be OK?

    Do not worry if you’ve not studied media before – most Year 10s won’t have. You’ll carry on doing the subjects that you know and love at school like English, Maths and Science but creative subjects like Media will be introduced to you when you start – so everyone joining can learn at the same pace.

    You are probably already demonstrating lots of the skills we’ll look at in Media. Perhaps you create the best TikToks ever, love taking photos on your phone or feel at one with a paintbrush. Joining Global Academy in Year 10 will get the best out of you.

    Global Academy works closely with creative employers and universities, so that young people can make an informed choice about their career path after they finish school.

  • Are there any After School Clubs or Projects?

    Yes! There’s plenty to get involved in after school – pretty much like you have at your own school now.

    There’s a chance to spend more time developing your media skills by taking part in our radio station and social media brand – Youths Choice.

    There’s also the chance to join clubs in Art, Science, Drama and more!

    There’s something for everyone.

  • Is there a Teacher I can talk to if I have any Questions?

    We know it can be scary joining a new school but here at Global Academy there is plenty in place to make you feel comfortable.

    All students receive pastoral support from their head of year, careers guidance and a daily meeting with a form tutor. There is also plenty in place to help when things don’t quite go right such as intervention, revision classes and the opportunity to speak to a counsellor.

    Here at Global, we take mental health very seriously and provide lots of opportunities for positive well-being with our Global Cultural Learning lessons, which will help set you up for life!

  • Is it a good idea for my Child to switch schools at 14?

    Global Academy is part of a national family of almost 50 state-funded schools called University Technical Colleges which operate from Year 10 onwards. Global Academy is more than just a school. Alongside a strong grounding in English, Maths and Science, students achieve sought-after qualifications and opportunities in the creative industry.

    Joining at 14 is perfect for many reasons:

    You are already passionate about working in this area and want to get a head start building the skills, knowledge and experience to really succeed in your career.

    You want to follow a curriculum that gives you qualifications in the vital core subjects, but which also allows you to spend more time on preparing for your career.

    You would like the chance to study subjects in years 10 and 11 that most schools and colleges do not offer until the sixth form. You also want to make a seamless transition from GCSE to Sixth Form, to continue your preparation for the world of work or further study beyond that

    Now is a great time to get ahead of the game.

  • Is Global Academy a Private School? Are there Fees to attend?

    Nope. Global Academy is not a private school. We’re a mainstream secondary school. There are no fees to attend.

    Our links to business, university and industry are unparalleled – giving students real-world work experience that they wouldn’t get otherwise. Global Academy facilities are second-to-none. They’re newly built, offering industry-standard equipment. And our industry partners make sure the curriculum fulfils what employers want, with expertise that’s right up-to-date.

  • How do you support with transitioning to Global Academy?

    We provide extensive support to you and your parents to ensure you make a successful and happy transition to Global Academy.

    Once accepted – you and your parents will receive weekly updates to give you a taste of what’s happening at the Academy so you know the kind of thing to expect when you arrive.

    There will be a series of opportunities to meet key staff, other students, and employer partners before you join to make sure you’re clued up before you join us.

    We’ll work with your current school too to make sure the move to Global is as seamless as possible.

    You’ll also get an exclusive invite to our ‘Get Set for Global’ week in the Summer Holidays – you’ll get the chance to join us in the Academy for a week of fun and games with your new classmates and to get used to your surroundings. We’ll also chuck in some pizza too! #WIN

    You’ll leave the Get Set for Global week with all the knowledge you need to start and a bunch of new mates on Snap too!

    Finally, you will have direct contact with your new Head of Year before you join as well so you can ask any question you want.

    Parents will also be invited to meet other new and exisiting parents via our online Facebook parents community group.

Six reasons why moving to Global Academy in Year 10 …just makes sense! 👩‍💻

Students are able to join Global Academy at the start of Year 10 to kickstart their career in the creative industry. They’re able to get industry led qualifications and opportunities while studying for their GCSEs. Life at Global Academy is a little bit different from usual secondary schools – so (in true TikTok style…. ) here is our countdown with six reasons why moving to Global Academy in Year 10 …just makes sense!

More Information 👀

Each half term students are given projects either set by Academy or real life employers. Throughout the two years you will be creating digital content, audio content and visual content. On top of that you will have an in-depth knowledge of the Media industry… communicated by people working in the industry.

So if you’re looking for the very best start to your career in the Creative Media Industry, look no further and apply now!

Getting Involved 🤩

Want to know what life is like for a Year 10 or 11 student at Global Academy? Here is two of our KS4 students – Vanessa Sam and Zeina Addadahine talking about their time at the Global Academy!


You In?

If you want to kickstart your career in the Creative media industry – then click the link below and apply now to join us in September.

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?