22 December 2020

Six Reasons to Move School for Year 10 … that just make sense!

Students are able to join Global Academy at the start of Year 10 to kickstart their careers in the creative industry. They’re able to get industry-led qualifications and opportunities while studying for their GCSEs.

Kickstart Your Career in Media

Students are able to join Global Academy at the start of Year 10 to kickstart their career in the creative industry. They’re able to get industry led qualifications and opportunities while studying for their GCSEs.

Life at Global Academy is a little bit different from usual secondary schools – so (in true TikTok style…. ) here are six reasons why moving to Global Academy in Year 10 … just makes sense!

1. A Fully Creative Curriculum

Students join Global in Year 10 and study a rich and varied curriculum both in content and delivery. Yes, you’ll get to complete industry-led qualifications in Creative Media and Production worth 3 GCSEs – you’ll also, get to study for a Level 2 Arts Award and pick up GCSEs in creative subjects like Drama, Art, Music Technology, Business and Computer Science.

Not only that – we ensure all our core curriculum subjects like English, Maths, and Science are delivered in a “creative first” way. Our science department love creating TikToks and short videos to bring their experiments to life, in English – you may be asked to listen to a podcast to support your learning and Maths are always creative with the way you learn in the classroom.

Our teaching and learning puts creativity at the heart because we know Globallers are super creative and love to learn that way. Many students find the fresh start and creative opportunities within the curriculum the perfect way to learn and actually engage in learning much more than in their previous schools.

2. Opportunities and Partnerships

There’s ALWAYS something going on at Global Academy and there’s plenty of additional opportunities for students to get involved in. Global Academy is sponsored by Global – the company behind your favourite radio stations like Capital and Heart. This means you never know who could be in the building. Each year our students get the chance to take part in exciting events that Global run for example the Summertime Ball. Additionally, each year before students start in Year 10 they get the chance to experience what the working world is like by spending the day at Global’s HQ in Leicester Square and even meet some of the presenters!

Students are encouraged to regularly check their emails during the school day (yes, you read that right!) as many opportunities to be involved in creative projects are shared with students. It’s not uncommon to spend your breaktime working on a film shoot or coming in early before registration to record your weekly radio show. As well as creating content there are also a whole hope of opportunities that help prepare you for a career including work experience with Year 10s working for companies in the past like Global, National Theatre and Tesco’s Marketing Team.

3. Being Industry Ready

Joining Global Academy is Year 10 will show that you are already passionate about working in this area and want to get a head start building the skills, knowledge and experience to really succeed in your career. You’ll get your hands on the latest industry equipment and learn how to craft your skills.

Students are expected to display “industry-standard behaviours” so we talk a lot about how we act and behave in the media industry workplace – and do a lot of work to model that. If students don’t get it right first time -we’ll work together to explain what good ‘industry behaviour’ looks like. This gets all Globallers ready for the wider industry and the world of work. There’s no point just being told to turn up to registration on time unless you know why – for example, if you were producing the news for BBC One which was due to go out at 6pm – you would lose your job if your programme wasn’t ready till quarter past!

Finally, most schools are unfortunately reducing the amount of opportunities for creative subjects until the sixth form so by joining Global Academy in Year 10 you can make a seamless transition into our Sixth Form – to continue your preparation for the world of work or further study beyond that

4. It’s Like School … But Different

Our KS4 curriculum offers every student the opportunity to learn and study the latest practices in broadcast and digital media alongside core academic subjects. You may find that we don’t offer all the same subjects for GCSE as your current secondary school – but we give you the opportunity to handpick from a set of subjects that will equip you for further study and employment in the creative industries.

Not only that – you’ll be joining a creative (and sometimes a little unique!) creative environment. Expect the radio playing as you walk into school, recording TikTok trends at break-time, students staying after school to create digital artwork and getting your phones out in a lesson to make memes to help you revise for your GCSEs!

5. People Like Me

You’ll be joining a school with passionate people just like you. From the makers and talkers who like presenting a radio show – to the calm and creative who like spending hours perfecting their digital art. Maybe you’re the one who knows all the moves to the latest online trends – or you’re the next Alan Sugar and already have a couple of business ideas up your sleeve and on your way to making some extra pocket money with your IG account?!

Come and join us! Global Academy students are creatives at heart who understand the importance of developing work ready skills to enter the creative industries. They’re hungry for opportunities to work in an industry focused environment to make them stand out from the crowd.

6. Mum’s are ALWAYS right!

Finally – here’s a quote from one of the Mum’s of a Year 10 student:

Since being with you – my daughter has become reignited and now more passionate about her studies. She is talking about her future – A Level’s, University – whereas before she was overwhelmed with dry study and pressure. She used to hate maths and is now open to doing maths at A Level. She talks highly of all your maths teachers.

She feels she is taught in a much better way, that the teachers are better, and that she is clever and respected. She says the English teacher has taught her how to write an essay, how to lay it out and before she was just expected to know this and would be made to feel stupid if she asked for help.

If this has got you thinking about joining Global Academy in Year 10 – click the button below to apply or watch our KS4 Virtual Assembly for more details.

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?