29 July 2022

Dentsu Ad Agency Hosts Work Experience and Insight Day Experience

Sixth Formers get a chance to experience a future career in advertising and marketing

Our partnership with dentsu international saw a group of Year 12 and Year 13 students spend the day at dentsu’s offices in Central London for an Insight Day to help inspire them on future career choices.Β 

Β The Insight Day which took place at their Head Office in Triton Square saw students work with other sixth formers in London to take part in activities to prepare them for job applications and interviews and learn about entry level roles at dentsu.Β 

Β Across the day – students were able to take part in upskilling activities to prepare them for the application process of their first job. Students were also able to meet dentsu employees from across the business, in a range of creative, technical and media roles and hear about their career journeys and get access to a follow up with a member of dentsu’s Early Talent team.Β 

Β We also heard from Global Academy alumni, Tyler Christian who is a Content Creation Exec at Storylab (part of Dentsu international network) to talk about his experience from leaving Global Academy to being a full time employee in the agency. This was truly inspiring for our learners.Β 

Β After the Insight Day – four students were selected to spend a further week with the Team to dig deeper into the skills and behaviours needed to land a career in the creative industry.Β  Across a week period – students got to work with colleagues from across the business on a wide range of projects. Our students were also given a brief to create a marketing campaign for a food truck and pitch to industry professionals at the end of the week – learning the skills in prototyping, marketing, creating a brand and how to ask the right questions in the workplace along the way.Β 

Β The group also spent time learning about how Dentsu are championing a culture of fairness, equity and equality for all and started to think about how they would start their own inclusion network at dentsu.Β 

Β The week culminated in the chance to present their creative ideas to the wider business to get feedback and development support.Β 

I was lucky enough to receive a week of work experience with Dentsu! It was amazing! We were tasked with creating a marketing campaign for a food truck. This was an amazing opportunity to show off skills and connect with industry professionals. We were able to go to Dentsu Headquarters in London and have a tour of their offices. It was amazing to see how the industry works and get hands on experience. We then were sent away with our brief and got to work. After brainstorming our initial idea, we were able to start the campaign.Β 

Having the industry professionals there to help us when we needed them was very good and helped us to complete the brief. On the last day we were able to pitch to Dentsu and get amazing feedback. Being able to pitch to professionals was an incredible experience and being able to hear their thoughts on our campaign and how to improve it and what was good was very helpful! This was an amazing experience and I will never forget it!β€―

Jackson Green, Year 12 Student

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Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?