26 October 2023

GA Celebrates Black History Month with Inspiring Events

Global Academy marked Black History Month with two outstanding events, the Roots to Routes panel and the Black Pride celebration – emphasising the importance of unity, diversity, and inclusivity within the community.

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In a resounding show of commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Global Academy recently hosted two remarkable events in celebration of Black History Month. The Roots to Routes panel and the Black Pride party brought students and staff together for a memorable and educational experience.

The Roots to Routes panel event was a highlight of the Black History Month celebrations, featuring influential black women from the fields of media, entertainment, and business. Prominent figures like Hayley Mulenda, Remel London, Angie Greaves, Danielle Blenman, Cherrelle Skeete, and Savanah Graham shared their personal journeys, challenges, and experiences, underscoring the vital role they play in breaking barriers and inspiring generations. Year 13 student Vanessa Sam organised the event as part of her coursework project, while Year 13 students Kyana Roberts and Tasha Combey capably hosted the panels.

During the panel discussion, Hayley Mulenda made a profound observation about the importance of collaboration in industries where opportunities often seem scarce:

“People gate-keep too often in the industries we are in. Instead of ignoring the abundance of opportunities and spaces there are, let’s pass it forward, and lift each other up.”

The event served as a reminder that understanding someone’s journey requires recognising their roots and acknowledging the paths they’ve taken.

Global Academy’s second Black History Month event, the annual Black Pride party, was a resounding success. The celebration showcased the incredible talent within the school community through a series of captivating performances, dances, songs, and spoken word recitals by students and staff. The event also featured engaging stalls from our student business owners (ranging from crafts and milkshakes to traditional food and cupcakes!) and a 360-degree photo booth, creating a vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere.

A standout moment was the closing DJ set by Capital XTRA’s DJ Dynamic, who played an array of black music hits, ensuring that attendees danced the night away. The event encapsulated the school’s dedication to celebrating black culture and promoting unity and diversity.

“The Roots to Routes panel was incredibly inspiring, and it taught me the importance of supporting one another to achieve our goals. It was an eye-opening experience, and I am grateful to Global Academy for organizing it.”

Year 10 Student

Black Pride was a fantastic celebration of talent and culture. It was a great way to bring our school community together and acknowledge the contributions of black individuals throughout history.

Year 12 Student


Global Academy’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusivity is evident through these inspiring Black History Month events. By providing a platform for dialogue, education, and celebration, the academy continues to foster an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

These events serve as a testament to Global Academy’s belief that acknowledging and celebrating black history is an integral part of creating a harmonious and inclusive community. As Black History Month comes to a close, the academy remains dedicated to promoting the values of unity, diversity, and inclusivity year-round.

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?