22 June 2023

Picture Perfect: Global Academy Students Take Photos for Fundraising Auction

Global Academy’s talented Digital Design students have been chosen by Canon to showcase their remarkable photography in a local online silent art auction.

Global Academy takes immense pride in the exceptional talent of its Digital Design students from Year 12 and Year 13. In a testament to their skills and artistic vision, these budding photographers have been chosen by Canon to showcase their remarkable work in a local online silent art auction. This collaboration not only highlights the students’ artistic prowess but also emphasizes Global Academy’s commitment to nurturing creativity and making a positive impact in the community.

The auction, organized by Canon, aims to raise funds for Hillingdon Hospital. The proceeds will be dedicated to the creation of an outdoor therapeutic space, providing patients with a serene environment to find solace and engage in healing activities. By featuring the photography of Global Academy’s Digital Design students, the auction celebrates their talent while supporting a worthy cause.

The selected photographs from Holly Chestney, Alice Empson and Jolie Powis are crafted with precision and creativity, and capture the essence of beauty, emotion, and the wonders of the world around us. The students’ unique perspectives and technical skills shine through each image, showcasing their growth and dedication in the field of digital design.

Global Academy firmly believes in empowering its students and providing them with real-world opportunities to showcase their talent. By participating in this auction – the local community are not only support the artistic journey of these students but also contribute to the development of a vibrant and healing space for patients at Hillingdon Hospital.

This collaboration between Global Academy, Canon, and Hillingdon Hospital exemplifies the power of partnerships in fostering creativity and making a meaningful impact – and highlights the school’s dedication to equipping students with the skills and opportunities needed to succeed in the creative industry.

The photography was taken as part of of an industry workshop with Canon’s photography team and students in the Art, Design and Media course in July 2022 – where students got the chance to use Canon EOS 400D kit. All money raised will go towards the creation of an outdoor space for patients to spend time away from the wards and can be used to support outside therapy. Hillingdon Hospital will be working with Chelsea Flower Show gold medallist, Tom Stuard-Smith to help create this.

We were delighted to be part of this exciting project and look forward to more community engagement opportunities with Canon and Hillingdon Hospice.

Silent bids are open until 30th June via this link.


Illusion – Holly Chestney


Silhouette – Jolie Powis


Graffiti Truck – Alice Empson

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?