Sixth Form Pathway

Curriculum Outline: Esports Production Pathway

The Esports Media Production course at Global Academy equips students with essential skills in Adobe products, live streaming, branding, and more to thrive in the growing esports industry. Graduates can pursue university degrees, apprenticeships, or freelance careers in this dynamic field.

About the Course 

Esports is already highly popular among young people, with the industry being driven by a demographic of under-35s and their growing engagement and immersion in the digital world. According to research: 

  • 85% of 12 to 15-year-olds play video games, on average, for nearly 12 hours per week 
  • 49% of girls aged five to 15 play video games, up from 38% in 2018. 

 A report commissioned by UK Interactive Entertainment in 2020 highlighted the economic impact of UK esports. As an intersection of technology, creativity, broadcast and entertainment, the esports sector has grown at an annual average rate of 8.5% between 2016 and 2019. The sector supported over 1,200 jobs and supported £111.5 million in Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2019. With more people gravitating towards competitive online play during the Covid pandemic, and national TV deals already in place, the industry is expected to continue to grow, providing students with a wider range of career opportunities in the future. 


Entry Requirements 

5 GCSEs at Level 4 and above including Maths and English 

Interest and experience in at least one of these games: 

League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Rocket League, Valorant and Apex Legends 



What I will study / do during the course? 

100% coursework.

Your skills in Adobe Products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Audition and InDesign) will be developed.

You will learn how to create an identity and brand design for esports, handle and operate camera equipment, set up audio-visual recording studios , recording gameplay using OBS and editing to tell compelling and exciting stories about the industry of competitive gaming and its associated cultures. 



What qualification will I get? 

UAL Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology


What partners are involved in the course? 

We are in contact with esports-related industry links such as UAL Awarding Body, Global, Esports Insider and Insider Gaming. 


Where could this course take me? 

University Degree to specialise in Esports Management, Events, Marketing, Business Management 

Apprenticeships in Events, Marketing and Business Enterprise 

Freelance Streamer, Editor or Content Producer 


Scheme of Work

Esports Curriculum


Year 12:  

Branding and Identity Design (Photography and Short Form Audio-Visual Media) 

Recorded Commentating 

Individual Livestreaming 

Team Broadcasting 

Branded Industry Content


Year 13: 

Gaming Competition Event Management 

  • Setup 
  • Promotion 
  • On Air and Live Production 


Specialist Option from a selection: 

Medium/Long Form Media – Documentary for Esports 

3d Modelling for Esports Venue Design 

After Effects for advanced animation 



Course Resources and Downloads

Adobe Tutorials: 

Adobe Photoshop Basics: 

Adobe Illustrator Basics: 

 Adobe Premiere Pro Basics: 

Adobe After Effects Basics:  

 Finzar Youtube Channel: 


Recommended media: 

Fnatic Design Guide: 


Esports Brand Identity Design Portfolio examples: 


Esports Insider: 

Reframing brand identity in esports 


Patsui Squad Esports Design: 


Design Week: 

Designers are helping esports brands sharpen up as business booms 


Seso HQ: Esports Graphic Designer with popular and successful Youtube channel 





Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?