6 July 2021

Year 10 Students Get An Induction Into the World of Brand Experience With Industry Pros

Thanks to funding from the London Enterprise Adviser Network – Year 10 students at Global Academy got the chance to work directly with industry experts from onepointfive, Pantene and the Ideas Foundation in a one day intensive workshop working on a live brief.

Students stretched their creative muscles by learning more about the world of ‘brand experience’ from onepointfive – one of the UK’s leading experiential agencies that specialises in conceiving and delivering unforgettable brand experiences.

Students were tasked to create a brand experience for Pantene that celebrates the power of hair and raises awareness of hair discrimination – the challenge, which was supported by Ideas Foundation gave pupils the chance to create a mini media agency and develop the concept to pitch back to the industry pros which focused on:

– Audience
– Location
– Venue
– Event Type
– The Experience – Mood Boards, Floor Plans
– Social Media and Partnerships
– Budget
– Health and Safety

Students were also given a chance to learn more about the wide range of different careers which exist within the events and creative industry as well as get a hands on approach to thinking about hair discrimination and microaggressions.


We are giving a real life example to inspire students to understand how the events industry works. We have had a chance to talk about the different roles and tasks within the industry. We have given them a chance to work on a 360 approach to the brief – from concept to the delivery. This has meant that they have included things like budget, health and safety, floor plans, mood boards, sustainability, audience, consumer experiences.

Joel Barsch, Director, onepointfive

One group has come up with an experience that is similar to real life events that we have created using photo booths, props. They are going to use GIFs and photos that they can post on social media so showing an event can work across different platforms.

Holly Brownless, Senior Producer, onepointfive


Take a look at our previous project with Ideas Foundation which saw Year 12 students develop creative campaigns for Disrupt Space in partnership with Canon as well as a unique opportunity with TikTok.

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?

Ready to kickstart your career in media?